Since 2005. Mr. Bob Tan established the small factory in Weifang city for aluminum fence and   bought 3 machines for spare parts of aluminum fence , that year , we only can produced  about 800 pieces of  aluminuum fence monthly ,the main buyers from Chinese trading companies.  


Since 2008 , we removed  to one bigger workshop , we rent the huge warehouuse from government and enlarge the production ability, we selling more than 10000 pcs aluminum fence to the USA , meantime , we begin to contact the oversea rental  companies and try to do our own business


Since 2012 , we have customer group and we can produce diffferent kinds of metal fence with fashion syle include aluminum door、iron fence gate、Galvanized steel fence panel、swimming pool fence. We can offer variety sizes and colors.Customized products are welcome.


                        Production Processing